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Frontier Society - Society has evolved - Tampa Bay, Florida
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    Frontier Society, Frontier-Society.Com - Introduction


What makes people interesting? What will the society of the future be like? Could there be a subculture here now that not only works, but is interesting, too? We are some of the most interesting people you will ever know, and our main interest is to share our interests, technical expertise, hobbies, views, and knowledge with others.
The Frontier Society is an underground entertainment subculture based in the Tampa Bay area of west central Florida. Founded in 1993 by DJ Frontier, our society embraces a wide range of interests and technologies. From hobbies, club culture, fringe interests, movies, video games, political commentary, gadgets, espionage, entertainment, art, custom cars, and interesting people, we have it all here for you to explore and discover! This open format will lead to a massive web site that will cater to a variety of people with specialized and general interests. Society has finally evolved, and we're here to fill you in on things that you may have never been aware of.
On the hobby front, what do tropical fish, kites, video games, tricked cars, night clubs, and gadgets have in common? Frontier-Society.Com! If it interests you, chances are that it will end up here.
To most of us, this is a hobby site with the purpose of informing while entertaining. We want to share our interests and views with the world. We also want to share a little of our technology. The information presented on this site is as-is, with no implied warrantees or promises made. Use this information at your own risk, and observe your local laws if you attempt anything described on this web site, as some things might not be legal in your locality (laws vary from state to state). If something on this site is illegal in your community, we suggest using that information for entertainment only.


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All parties using our site must read our DISCLAIMER and agree to our TERMS OF USE before using the content on our site in anyway. The content and opinions expressed on Frontier Society are for entertainment and informative use only. Any attempt to do anything described on this site is done solely at the risk of the party making the attempt. Use of this web site waives Frontier Society, our contributors, our advertisers, and our affiliates from any claims of liability or damages.

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