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The Frontier Society welcomes contributions from all of our members. If you contribute to this web site, you get full credit and retain your full copyright to your material with permission to host it on our site. You can amend to remove your content at any time and for any reason without giving us any reason as long as you give us a reasonable amount of time to honor your request.
Although we welcome members of different beliefs and value and welcome their contributions, the Frontier Society reserves the right to refuse content and memberships without cause or reason. Membership comes with the understanding that the Frontier Society can terminate any membership without cause and reason and at our discretion. While we respect all opinions and beliefs, we have a responsibility to keep the content and participation of this site to a certain quality level. We will not allow any participation which may be deemed offensive, illegal, exploitive, pornographic, or anything that we deem to be in poor taste. By joining, viewing, or otherwise participating with the Frontier Society web site and the web sites of our affiliates, you agree to allow us to discern what is and what is not appropriate for this site, and waive any legal or civil action that can be taken as a result of our actions CONTACT US today to become a member, and then we will allow you to contribute.


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