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Frontier Society - Society has evolved - Tampa Bay, Florida
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Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member DJ Frontier
The pioneer behind the Frontier Society, DJ Frontier established the Frontier Society back in 1993. Since then, it has evolved with more and more people joining. It is now at the point of being revealed, and fourteen years later, in 2007, the official Frontier Society web site was launched. DJ Frontier is a DJ, entertainer, artist, and business polymath. DJ Frontier is C. A. Passinault in rare, public form.

C. A. Passinault
C. A. Passinault is an entertainment and business polymath who is professionally qualified in over twenty fields. He is an excellent writer and photographer.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Kendrix
A writer and aspiring journalist, Kendrix is on top of the entertainment scene in the Tampa Bay area.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Rachel Eaglin
Rachel is a professional writer.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member DJ Diva
Diva is a talented DJ who can also sing professionally. DJ Diva was one of the founders, along with DJ Frontier and Zero, of the underground night club Club Zero, where the Frontier Society has been headquartered for some time.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Crystal
Crystal is a writer who is also a musician, and she is our music expert. She's also into the new age stuff, so she is a very interesting person.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Ollie North
An athletic guy who is into extreme sports, Ollie is into skateboarding, surfing, wind surfing, freestyle, skating, and anything that deals with boards of any kind. Ollie spends a lot of time at Club Zero as of late, as he recently broke his arm. He spends his club time picking up girls and avoids the dance floor, as he is quite possibly one of the worst dancers alive.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Chu
Our resident party rat, Chu is a hold out from the Friday Night Party Animals of the late 1980's, and he quests for the purest party experience. Chu is a hard core video gamer, club dancer, and lady slayer. Chu is our resident video game expert. Chu is a bit freaked out lately as he is nearing his 30th birthday, and still is not married.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Pandora
A professional writer, Pandora is into politics, science, and neurology.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Glowlight
Glowlight is a natural girl who has graduated the rave scene to the rage scene. Her hobby is tropical fish and designer aquariums, and she recently started to breed Betta Splendids. Her Frontier Society name comes from her love of glow sticks and glowlight tetras.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Zero
A hacker, Zero is in charge of all of the advanced technology used in Club Zero. Some of the things that he works on are highly secret. Zero is one of DJ Frontiers best friends. His most recent project was assisting Nitro with Spy Guy's Spy Car.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Spy Guy
An espionage expert, Spy has taken a love for everything James Bond to an extreme, and is living as a spy for hire. His latest joy is his very own Spy Car, which Nitro and Zero built for him.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Nitro
Nitro is into cars and gadgets. He and Spy Guy are best friends, for obvious reasons. Nitro comes up with most of Spy Guy's gadgets. Rumor has it that Nitro has engineered a Spy Car which is rumored to be on test in the Tampa Bay area with Spy Guy.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Wiggy
A club dancer who makes her living as a fashion model, Wiggy is into techno music, video games, and event planning.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Breeze
Breeze is a girl who is into the sciences. She loves sailing, windsurfing, and is a professional kiter. She loves birds, and raises all kinds of species from finches to parrots. Ironically, Breeze is acrophobic, and this keeps her on the ground.

Frontier Society Tampa Bay Subculture Member Foley
Foley is an independent film maker who does thing his way.




Established in 1993 by DJ Frontier and his associates

UPDATED 02/09/08





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